Kahook Goniotomy

What is the Kahook Dual Blade?

The Kahook Dual Blade is a new device from New World Medical. It is a single-use, high-tech blade used to treat glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure (IOP). It has been designed to allow surgeons to lift and eliminate the trabecular meshwork entirely (goniotomy).  It can help reduce the need for medication and minimize any intraocular pressure.

Features of the Kahook Dual Blade Include:

  • Surgical-grade stainless steel
  • A sharp tip for a painless incision
  • A long, narrow shaft for easy access to the anterior chamber
  • Dual blades allow for simultaneous incisions

How Does the Procedure Work?

Inside of your eye there is a tissue called the trabecular meshwork. The trabecular meshwork is responsible for aiding fluid out of your eye, like a drainage system.

For people with glaucoma, often times the trabecular meshwork is not draining fluid fast enough. This leads to a fluid build up, which increases IOP and causes vision loss. In order to eliminate this problem, your surgeon will use the Kahook Dual Blade Goniotomy to remove the trabecular meshwork completely from a portion of the drainage system or "angle".

Because the Kahook Dual Blade Goniotomy is quick and doesn't require sutures, the recovery time is often shorter and patient satisfaction is higher. The Kahook Dual Blade can be used for a standalone procedure or in conjunction with cataract surgery. For more information about the Kahook Dual Blade and information on managing your glaucoma, contact us at  Eye One Surgical Associates today!

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